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Our Vision

Help support the families of veterans and first responders of Nacogdoches County, who have been killed or injured in the line of duty, by raising the distributing funds for school, training, and other unmet needs.

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Active and retired service members who need these types of assistance can apply. In addition, you can nominate a Hero on their behalf. Nacogdoches Hero Foundations provides support for these active and retired service members within our local community.

Service Member Categories

We provide support to EMTs, firefighters, and all local volunteer first responder agencies

Police: NPS, SO, SFAPD, NISDPD, Constables, DPS, Game Wardens, all other school PD’s, other sworn officers, Local federal officers

Residing in nacogdoches county

Secondary covered retired

Tertiary covered prior service

Military Vets (unless dishonorable discharge then, case by case)

In the Field

Primary covered Active Serving (need not be a resident)

Circumstances for Eligibility


Injured or killed in the line of duty or another unrelated event

Significant medical needs unrelated to service

General personal or family hardship

Distribution Process

Have a committee review

Send a request through our website

Receive a supervisor recommendation or community advocate referral

Available Benefits

Financial Support: Directly to an individual or family 

Donations in kind

Scholarships: For any needed retraining or family members

Direct support of Local Services:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Retail Needs
  • Food Needs
  • Misc. Service Needs, such as lawn, home, repair, auto issues, etc.


*Parameters on website, audit access and 990 tax returns

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Nominate a hero


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How you can help

Without the support of our community, we would not be successful in our mission.  We are thankful for all of our volunteers and sponsors.  If you wish to become a sponsor of our cause or make a donation, please select from one of the options below. 

 Thank you so much!

College Scholarships

Coming Soon in 2025